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As a buyer agent I work to make your transaction stress free:

  • Your home buyer consultation will give you a clear understanding of the real estate process.
  • The consultation will give you a solid foundation to move forward with buying your new home.
  • I break down buying a home into easy steps, that have helped my clients save money and close on time.

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Buying a Home involves a Complex Legal and Mortgage Process that can be Stressful & Complicated...

Buying a home has become increasingly complex and stressful in recent years. Real estate contracts are now longer, loan guidelines require more documentation. Underwriters need more paperwork. Clients have expressed the following problems with buying a home:

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Information overload
  • Confusion about the process
  • Lack of good information
  • Anxiety over Negotiating & getting the best deal
  • Emotional rollercoaster
  • Fear of not getting a loan, or qualifying
  • Afraid of inspection process
  • Fear of not knowing their options
  • Nervous about the Appraisal
  • Frustrated with Underwriting
  • Overwhelmed, lot's to do

As a Realtor I've listened and worked hard to refine the process to help clear the way for a less stressful transaction. 

In fact, here's how I felt when I purchased my first home!

“The first time I called a lender to discuss buying a home, what I wanted (more than anything), was a way to know everything they wanted before I ever got there. This was a big source of my anxiety.”

I love meeting new clients to discuss their goals. Your homebuyer consultation is the framework for your entire real estate transaction. Your consultation is designed to remove stress, answer questions, and provide a clear plan moving forward.

Together I'll work with you to make things happen, to make your new home a reality.

By choosing me you'll get the following benefits:

Understand your Docs

We'll discuss the docs that makeup your real estate transaction. From the contract to the paperwork you sign to hire me. No mysteries here. All questions Answered.

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Finance Clear & Simple

We'll look at your finance options and discuss where you are. From pre-approval to interest rates. I cover costs and discuss each fee you'll pay - all the way to closing.

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Negotiating Strategy

We'll look at the current market and discuss what happens when we submit your offer. Everything from what sellers expect to getting the deal you want. Stress free.

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"One of My best students, I can with confidence highly recommend him..."

"Walid completed most of his real estate courses with me and was and is one of my best students. He continues to attend my continuing education classes and his participation is always appreciated. His thirst for knowledge and his fearless pursuit of problem solving makes him an incredibly reliable, dependable Realtor.

Whatever problem arises in a transaction, he will fight for the best solution for his client while at the same time being a fine example for upholding the NC Real Estate Commission's rules and regulations. He is definitely a credit to the real estate community.

We have discussed many issues and I enjoy using his examples for teaching. I can with confidence highly recommend him."

- Sandy Williams DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor)

During your Homebuyer Consultation we'll Discuss the Real Estate Process.

"During this important meeting we'll cover a wide range of topics"

We'll cover topics ranging from how close you want to live to work, to what happens during your home inspection. We'll look at your time frame to move. We'll discuss the lender, the closing attorney, the surveyor — even advice from friends & family.

When you decide to buy a home, information will come from everywhere, even the nightly news. 

We'll discuss how to handle this info in a way that keeps you from going crazy.

We'll talk about the paperwork the NC Real Estate Commission requires brokers to present to all clients.

We'll go over the Offer to Purchase and Contract (the doc we submit to buy your home).

I promise you'll leave with a good understanding of the contract to buy your home.

We'll also talk about the seller and the docs the State requires them to give every homebuyer.

We'll examine closing costs, the timeline to close and what happens at closing. And we'll discuss what you'll need to bring to closing.

What a Homebuyer Consultation Does for You:

We'll discuss the Single most Important thing to You in this transaction.

"It's critical I understand this...."

Every client has one key feature they must have. Something that makes the transaction special. This could be 4 bedrooms, or a pool, perhaps a house on the lake, or a close drive to work. Maybe you need to close by a certain day or stay within a certain budget. 

My job is to understand the most important thing to you, in this transaction.​ Addressing this gives you peace of mind!

3 Important Questions to Focus our Home Search efforts

We'll cover the 3 questions I ask that will help you find your home more quickly and close faster.

  • When would you like to move
  • Where would you like to move to
  • Have you spoken to a lender

As a Buyer's Agent, one of my Key Functions is Negotiating your Transaction 

We'll discuss how to negotiate the price of a home, and the 2 major negotiations in every real estate transaction.

When the call comes in and the seller's have countered your offer — You'll be comfortable responding. 

We'll talk about the market and what to expect from the seller before you submit the offer.

"Walid goes above and beyond throughout the entire process..."

"Walid goes above and beyond throughout the entire process of purchasing or selling a house. He has helped me personally as well as many other friends looking to buy in Charlotte and the surrounding areas"

- Krissy Collier (Former CMS Teacher)

"consistent professionalism and dedication to his clients."

"As a mortgage loan officer I deal with a lot of realtors. Two things that immediately stands out when I think of Walid is his consistent professionalism and his dedication to his clients. He should go far in this industry keeping the same path."

- Al Overton (Senior Mortgage Consultant)

What You do Next...determines our Success

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"....have been with him in personal and professional settings"

"I have known Walid for over a year now and have been with him in personal and professional settings and he is a man of strong conviction, great passion and is extremely knowledgeable of his industry. He is very personable and treats everyone as if they are life long friends. He is just a joy to be around. I highly recommend his services.""

- Tommy Barrett 

    Whether you're a Veteran or New Homebuyer:     I'm here to help! Let's get together and Talk.        Call me. Schedule your Appointment.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I promise you'll learn something new and be more comfortable moving forward with your decision to buy a home!

"I'm here to help. I promise I'll answer all of your questions. If I don't know the answer — I'll find someone who does and get back to you in 48 hours"

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