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Negotiating Strategy is an important conversation I have with each of my clients..

As your Buyer's Agent, it's important I understand the most important thing to you in this transaction. While the price of the home is important, there's a bunch of other things to consider.

Whether it's the price of the home, closing costs to be paid by the seller, a home warranty, repairs or even the closing date, each item will be addressed.

Successfully negotiated real estate transactions are considered Win/Win. No one should expect to get everything they want. However; each side will end up with most of what they need to move forward and close the deal. 

The seller is able to move forward with their future plans, the buyer is now a new homeowner.

​Settlement, or more commonly known as closing, is the end result of the transaction. Both parties meet at the attorney's office, sign the final docs, exchange the keys, and breathe a sigh of relief and smile.​

​Before we get to that day, there's a few things to negotiate and come to agreement on. Here's a look at some commonly negotiated terms in every real estate transaction. ​

Common Terms Negotiated in a Real Estate Contract

Home Price

Earnest Money Deposit

Due Diligence Fee

Settlement Date (Closing)

Personal Property

Closing Costs

Home Warranty


Negotiating Your Transaction

Price may NOT be the most important thing in the transaction. For some clients, perhaps the price is OK, but they really need to close by a certain day. Or maybe the financial structure of the deal means they need some closing cost assistance from the seller. Perhaps you would feel much more comfortable moving forward if the sellers offers a Home Warranty.

No matter what you want in the Contract the Seller will have a response. This where negotiating comes into play...​

Home Price

How to Negotiate Price

Earnest Money

How to Negotiate Earnest Money

Due Diligence

How to Negotiate Due Diligence

Settlement Date

Negotiating your Settlement Date

Personal Property

Negotiating Personal Property

Closing Costs

How to Negotiate Closing Costs

Home Warranty

Negotiating a Home Warranty

Seller Repairs

Negotiating Repairs

Seller Possession (Rent)

Seller Possession after Closing